Children and Learning

We all agree that children can be a handful; regardless of their age and everyone who has ever had or worked with children will agree with us. Great that we got that out of the way.

When I started having children, I remember I kept saying to myself, when they’re three,’ these’ (being anything i saw as unnatural and thus unable to relate with or handle) will stop. Then it went to 5 years and now I am waiting on fifteen years. Don’t tell anyone, but between us, I have the goals sheets out ready to adjust them as we all grow older.

One other thing I have found it that my children are different.
All of them.
My children at home and my children in school are all beautifully different. Yes they share similar attributes but they are all different. Different in so many amazing ways and it is important to each one, to have a chance to be themselves.

It’s easier to bundle them up into the old woman’s shoe and give them all bread and send them to sleep, but that’s the wrong thing to do.

At home and in school, in all that we do, we must treat all children as individuals because that’s who they are. We cannot have a one size fits all approach to learning, not just because it will not work but because it is plain wrong.

As we journey on in child care, (and trust me on this one, it is a journey) we cannot decide when the full stops and commas will be. The children hold the aces to this one. However, we can guide them and ensure that they know we are there for them. We can practice “tough love” and all the other different kinds as we support them on their Journey.14054229_10157403384270613_180379884314096407_n