Stick with it.

The person and the Principles of Jesus are different in purpose.

Applying these principles leads to growth and success in the market/ business place.

For growth to happen your ability to see (vision) and your skills to do, are important.

Ex 23:28-20

Increasing your capacity means you can take on more. And automatically your territory will increase.

Mk 4: 26-30 – wait for the full increase. It will grow and multiply.

You must be consistent and you must be thankful.

The fact that you are not where you want to be at the moment does not mean you are not on your way.

One of the biggest killers of vision is survival mentality.

Refuse to think small. Never allow temporary hunger to truncate the size and spread of your dream.

Never get into survival mode.

You were created to dominate.
Gen 1:26- 28

1) Be fruitful – be a productive person. Have a fruit/ product/ service that you sell. Make it work.

The first step is you. Are you a productive person???

2) Multiply – Increase in that which you are doing.
A)Can what you do now? work for others?
B)Can you cause others to be fruitful as well.
C)Validate your ideas.

3) Replenish- Reproduce yourself in multiply places.
Be replicable
Franchise models

4) Subdue it- consolidate and build a brand
Become a power house
Spread your fame
Get into the market
Be used as a reference point

Acts 1:8

Say these words to yourself daily:

I will Never be afraid of competition. It does not matter how many are doing it. I will succeed if I am called to it for whatsoever i lay my hands on is #blessed.

No hair struggles for space. I will not struggle for market share

God is causing me to shine

The works of my hand will find expression and favour

The doors are open to me

I am excelling and making progress

I will not seek from man, what only God can give me.

Opposition is new opportunity for me tp grow.

Talking Trust

Talking trust
How can I possibly let go of the #ledge when I am not sure you will catch me? You say you are there, but I do not #see you.
The new level I aspire for needs two, maybe three to walk together hand in hand and step by step.
This is not a #journey I can take alone; I need you as much as you need me.
When #teachers work cooperatively, great things are bound to happen.
Trust is the #essential element to have and maintain with your students, your parent community, your principal, and your co-teachers.
#Trust you see one broken, never fully recovers. #Guard it.
Trust is everything.
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Trust is essential element to have and maintain with your students, your principal, and your co-teachers. .
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Learning and the Learner

When we think learning, most minds conjure and board and chalk or markers as the case maybe.

Learning is all around us, its in the air we breathe, the water we drink and guess what, its in the unconscious mistakes that we make. We need to understand that for a child, they do not need a classroom, they learn from the environment and from all the interactions they have.

These interactions range from throwing and catching a ball to having conversations about their best meal. For very young children, learning is absorbed from their environment and things we adults that may not hold a lot of importance for us, is a big deal for them.

Every word, look, sigh has a meaning and we unintentionally, pass across messages that we may not plan to. We thus, need to be intentional, especially when we are around young children.This stems from the fact that, we are always teaching; we just need to be sure that we re reaching the intended audience.

As the children get older, they get more aware of their environments and they are more discerning in their interpretations. Regardless, of their ages, all children need to be taught intentionally.
Some things should not be done or said in front of the children.

We as adults need to be more deliberate in the things that we do and in the way we do them so we are sure that our children are always safe.

Remember that a child is always learning and you must be intentional.


What kind of Parent are you??

Its easy to leave the cognitive stuff to the professionals but how about the affective and #psychomotor?
How can you guide your child towards applying what they learn to their everyday??

When you can do this effectively you will notice
1) Increasing links to reality
2) Emerging skill sets from applied learning
Being an active listener as a parent, helps.
Use the chart to help you out.
Let’s get intentional.

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Dear Teacher

Of Course, I went to School and I have the certificates to show it as well.

However, I can assure you that it is not the same thing as been a teacher. It is not even close.

Being a teacher is an all-round awesome experience and it such hard work. Much harder than being a student, I assure you.

Why you may ask:
1) Firstly, you have to place yourself in the shoes of the student. And its not just one student
2) Secondly, the parent is also part of this equation and they must be considered
3) There is also the system within which we as teachers operate.
4) Finally, you have to always act in the best interests of the children.

Sometimes, it may not seem so and it is so heart-rending when the children do not understand the why’s of some decisions taken. It MUST always be in the best interest of the children.

The reason? You are a teacher.

If you have no one to teach, you cannot bear that title. It will make you a fraud.

As a teacher coach, I walk into some classrooms and we have so many frauds working with the children. For teaching to truly be a noble profession, the fraudsters must be fished out of the bowl and asked to try out another less impact-full profession.
As a teacher you deal with lives and these lives, will in turn, shape other lives… how can you not be deliberate? How can you not plan?

How can you not anticipate the direction a thought once made visible, will swing the class towards?

Why will you refuse to plan and hope to wing it all the time. When did a teachers become birds? You do not have wings and the only thing you can use to fly, is your cape which you get when you attain the status of the Super Teacher.

Note this Dear Teacher:

  • Teachers plan, dear teacher
  • Teachers are deliberate, dear teacher
  • Teachers are always learning, dear teacher

You are the president of your class/homeroom, so how can you not lead it well.

Do what you must to be a dear teacher and see the effects on these children that you should hold dear.

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