PLN Nuggets 1

So I met this amazing womam, Oke Maduewesi of Zaron global and she shared #nuggets with us at our #PLN hangout with Ms Kaykay.

1. As an #enterpreneur you have to get out of the comfort zone and keep striving for more.

2. Review your market and provide #services they need.

3. You need to be the first #brand ambassador for your business. No one can market it as much as you.

4. Keep your employees who buy into your vision close and find a way to build their skills set.

5. Focus on your strengths and find people who can provide the skills you lack.

6. You really cannot do everything. Give yourself a break.

More nuggets coming soon.

And guess what? She is so committed to building Nigerian Entrepreneurs, she did this for free.

Want an invite to the next hangout? Send me an email detailing the skills you need to develop as an entrepreneur and what you have done in the past year to develop yourself. See you soon.

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Your Network Matters

If we all agree ” No man is an island” it means we all need connections to make things flow smoothly. In the world of #business, collaborations are necessary, you just need to know who to collaborate with and to what extent.

As an #educator, I have several active collaborations – people and businesses, and it helps.

I recently started a #Professional #Learning #Network and I have had to collaborate with several people to make the first meeting happen. Some of these experiences have been humbling, but i can say, all of them have been energizing.

Who is your Learning Network?
Who can you call your #support group?

In my journey as a #woman in business, I notice peope are worried about letting go. Autonomy is a myth that needs to be laid to rest. Why? We all have our strengths. As you maximise your strengths, it will over shadow everything else. You need to surround yourself with people who #compliment you especially in the areas where you have less developed attributes.

As I close, our fist PLN is set for tomorrow and it is set to be amazing.
I am the convener and I am humbled by the show of support I have received. Our speakers are power houses in their fields and they will be with us, contributing their part to build formidable #womeninbusiness #sheleadsafrica

Domains of Learning

Education is not restricted to a #classroom. It goes beyond the place to the how and why of doing tbings.

We need to always consider the three #domains of #learning when working with the children.

The domains are:
1) Affective – How will this make the student feel/ How will feelings be affected by this?
2) Cognitive – What knowledge am I passing accross?
3) Psychomotor – What skill will my #students display as a result of this lesson?

As #educators, we are in a place of great influence.

We need to be trained on how to be intentional and purposeful.

Okeyinfu: Teacher, Trainer, Coach, #Differentiation and #Assessment Specialist.