Child Development

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Today I wish to Introduce you to the Zone of Proximal Development. In this zone the learner is at the Half way mark in the all important learning journey.

They can do a lot but they still need some form of guidiance. Hence it is the difference between what they can do with support and what they cannot do.

What happens most times is that the progress of this zone is truncated and the learner is unable to attain the heights they should because they do not have enough support to progress into the Zone where the learner begins to display characteristics of Mastery. (See picture)👆🏿👆🏿👆🏿👆🏿👆🏿

Dear parent, manage your expectations. As in all things, crafting the foundation takes time if you want to build right. The environment at home should also be condusive to learning. When home and school work together, the child is always a stronger learner.

This phase must not be rushed just because everyone wants to hear that all is peachy. In this zone scaffolding must be provided to move the student towards heights attainable. Look beyond today and work towards building, nurturing and grooming the adults of tomorrow.

Learning is a process and it is progressive in nature. We do not have a magic wand to make all gaps go away and speed up the process. In actual fact, we do not need the wand because we would rather watch understanding and independence being developed steadily but strongly in each child.

Trust the process, It works.


Hello all,

I am an Assessment Lead and a teacher coach plus a few extra roles… The One I love the most is, TEACHING.

I seem to come alive when I teach. It is such a pleasure to share of my knowledge and expertise and it is always very uplifting when My students tell me how excited they are and eager to try out new things.

My advice, #Research deeply into your subject area before you try to teach others.

Much as I seem to do it effortlessly, it has taken me years to build my practice. Still, prior to each meeting, I rehearse an entree which I find, I never ever use.

Still… Being prepared is #Best #Practice.

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YouSafe Verification Systems

Introducing “YouSafe Verification Systems”.

Safety and security is a number one priority in all sectors, but financial resources are and can often be stretched thin.

We can however assure you that with YouSafe Verification systems, we will find you the solutions to fit your unique needs.

As a consideration of the high premium placed on safety, as a company, we have developed a system that will work effectively within the general constraints of internet connectivity and power concerns that could exist in our part of the world.


YouSafe Brief:

YouSafe is secure, verification System encoded onto a card. Each card is Pin protected ensuring only the actual recipient can use the card.

“YouSafe” is cloud based hence cost effective and it possesses excellent functionality.

It involves a two-stage authentication process and the use of a unique PIN is just one of our in-built safety measures. It also involves automated notification as soon as user authentication is successful.

YouSafe meets the major criteria as listed below:

  1. Secure and easy to deploy
  2. Simple user interface
  3. Cost effective solution
  4. Easy to deploy in any location and for a variety of uses
  5. Fool proof system
  6. Staff attendance tracking


  1. Schools
  2. Offices
  3. Churches
  4. Weddings
  5. Exclusive Events
  6. Hidden destination weddings
  7. Electronic Business cards
  8. VIP Categorizations
  9. Training Verification
  10. So much more


  1. All subscribers have assigned pin protected cards (Service dependent)
  2. Dedicated SMS Hotline
  3. Costs vary depending on Service needed and number of subscribers signed onto the service.
  4. One-off service charge for uploading the software**.


  1. Secure verification systems
  • Elimination of Manual sign in and out
  • Time tracking for resumption and closing
  • Low Initial Capital cost
  • Quick and Easy to Deploy
  • Very cost effective and sustainable
  • Paperless system
  • Low System Maintenance cost
  • Quick and Automated Notification via SMS (Carrier dependent) and Email.
  • Accurate time and date tracking information
  • Easy to deploy on the School Bus
  • Option of picture on cards available
  • Cards can be re-used.

In closing, be assured that being professional and ensuring a smooth deployment of our solutions in a cost-effective manner, is our topmost priority.

We look forward to working with you per your safety and safety arrangements.

Please email for more information

or call DL: 0906 535 3992; 0808 7444 764

Request a call back:

Back to School: School Focus

Getting your school ready for the new school year.

Towards the end of August, most schools’ wind down their summer camps/programs, however, this does not necessarily mean they wind down operations. The curtains call on summer camps, signals a change in gear in the preparations towards the new Academic Year. The Almighty ‘Resumption Day’ is the new D-Day.

If is important to note that as a school, you need to plan for everything – Staffing, Children (new and returning), Parents (new and returning) Staff, Vendors and of course, government officials. However, regardless of your status as parent, staff or school, it is critical to make the often-exacting transition from holiday to school, easier with proper planning.

In this context, the term ‘Resumption’ is a verb involving the action of students returning to school after a long holiday period. This activity is a culmination of several process reviews aimed at ensuring readiness of the entire school community inclusive of the children, their parents and of course the staff. All these reviews, must be translated into action points which have due dates, usually before the D-Day.

I will provide a checklist that sadly does not cover all the elements to plan for, but will provide a good chunk of planning focus. If these areas are covered adequately, we can safely say ‘we will start the new school year on the right footing’.

I will group the ‘To Dos’ for schools into three major categories:

  • School
  • Student
  • Parents

Each of these categories is a focus area for the school as an institution and will be elucidated below:

The School: For the School, I will begin with the Leadership Structure. All  organizations must have a Senior Management Team and a Leadership team; Schools are not exempt. These Leadership structures are necessary because every organization is involved in Leadership, Management and Administrative functions. In Schools, the Management Team should not focus on administrative functions as these make up most of the daily activities of the school, cutting across classroom and administration, and it very time and energy consuming. The SMT in a school, should be involved in charting strategic directions and finding ways to diversify the business arm of the school, thus ensuring economic relevance and core business sync.

Hence, the first step in the Back to School Journey, is a review of the Leadership team.

These teams may have overlaps in terms of personnel but not in terms of specific functions.

The SLT is responsible for setting the direction and overseeing the set-up of the following items as related to ‘Back to School’. The itemization does not follow any order.

  • Academics
  1. Curriculum overview
  2. Curriculum mapping and termly scheme review
  3. Book Purchase
  4. Uniform purchase
  5. Assessment alignment
  6. Class structure
  7. Set the tone for pedagogy
  8. Student pre-assessments
  9. Entry tests for new students
  10. Documentation and Display
  11. Staff Training
  12. Student Pre-Assessment prep
  13. Class Structure and arrangement
  14. Lesson planning
  15. Assessment policy review
  16. Portfolio planning
  17. Student Integration Planning
  • Administrative
  1. All forms needed – entry, medication, admissions, allergy, staff time off, class requisitions
  2. Policy review and communication mapping
  3. Staff recruitment, on-boarding and training
  4. Legislative requirements review and planning
  5. School painting
  6. Review of indoor and outdoor classrooms tools
  7. Enrichment/After school clubs planning and vendor meetings
  8. Receipt booklets
  9. Injury reporting and documentation
  10. Back to School Communique
  11. General Documentation
  12. Whole year calendar
  13. Routines and schedules
  14. Extra Services: Bus, Lunch, Afterschool care

2. The Student: It is important that the students are not left to chance, hence we must plan for our students.

  • All uniforms needs’ per student, must be considered and planned for.
  • Specific class placement
  • Welcome back to school activities and integration mechanics
  • School and class tour
  • Pre-assessment administration techniques
  • Class ground rules
  • Seating arrangements
  • Engagement techniques for all class participation
  • Cognitive, Affective, and psychomotor domain checks
  • Feedback and assessment administration strategies

3. The Parent: Finally but by no means the least, as a school, there is the need to plan for our parents especially, with respect to home-school collaborations. All communication must be clear, precise and timely.

  • Back to school letter/newsletter
  • Fees Information
  • Student supplies list
  • Policy changes/upgrades
  • Program must be planned and communicated with sufficient notice – 2 weeks. Reminders must be worked into the plan.
  • Plan events so parents can attend
  • Have a parent support mechanism especially with respect to payments structures.
  • Documentation

Some of the items on the checklist are fluid and may change as the day draws closer, hence it is advisable that a lot of these activities are planned for right from the end of third term.

If as a school, we spend time focussing on these areas, we will be truly ready for a hitch free back to school day and a smooth school year.



Okeyinfu, a certified Assessment Lead, is the founder of Busy Minds Center Limited and Soundview Consulting. She is an educational reform advocate. She has extensive experience in coaching and mentoring teachers, parents and young adults in a variety of contexts. She loves to be called a teacher.

Ongoing research:


SM: @okeyinfu



Comparative Judgement Trial in Nigeria

Making a case for Comparative Judgement (CJ) as an alternative to traditional grading in literacy based subjects in Nigeria – Okeyinfu Ajayi

In one of her reviews, Daisy Christodoulou said, “Comparative judgement has enormous potential to transform the way assessment works. Some of the most pressing problems in education today are around workload, marking accuracy, and the way that assessment distorts the curriculum. Comparative judgement has the potential to help solve all of these problems.”

As Tes outlined in a recent feature, comparative judgement involves teachers taking two pupils’ scripts and simply deciding which one they think is better. This information is then fed into computer software.

There is much more to do than this however, as they have said  ‘The process is significantly quicker than current marking and moderation of written work’.


In the past, Ms Christodoulou has referred to comparative judgement as “an assessment innovation that really works”.


Does it? What do you think? Share your comments please partake in the ‘initial trial’ by clicking the link below.

Link to take trial survey:


In education, we need to get to a place where we make decisions based on evidence translated into best practice.


Learn more at


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Free Teacher Training

Do you want to be one of the teachers who qualifies for the first cohort of the free training?

How to register:
Send an email to, stating why you need this training.
Schools can register whole teams .
Thank you to all our sponsors and volunteers, you make the work lighter.

Opportunities for sponsors and volunteers still abounds: Please send a DM or an email to to join the sponsorship team or to be a volunteer. We need all the help we can get to transform the players in the education sector.
A child cannot rise significantly above the level of their teachers. We need to raise the standard/ skill set of our classroom staff, to raise the output of our children.
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Your Network Matters

If we all agree ” No man is an island” it means we all need connections to make things flow smoothly. In the world of #business, collaborations are necessary, you just need to know who to collaborate with and to what extent.

As an #educator, I have several active collaborations – people and businesses, and it helps.

I recently started a #Professional #Learning #Network and I have had to collaborate with several people to make the first meeting happen. Some of these experiences have been humbling, but i can say, all of them have been energizing.

Who is your Learning Network?
Who can you call your #support group?

In my journey as a #woman in business, I notice peope are worried about letting go. Autonomy is a myth that needs to be laid to rest. Why? We all have our strengths. As you maximise your strengths, it will over shadow everything else. You need to surround yourself with people who #compliment you especially in the areas where you have less developed attributes.

As I close, our fist PLN is set for tomorrow and it is set to be amazing.
I am the convener and I am humbled by the show of support I have received. Our speakers are power houses in their fields and they will be with us, contributing their part to build formidable #womeninbusiness #sheleadsafrica

Domains of Learning

Education is not restricted to a #classroom. It goes beyond the place to the how and why of doing tbings.

We need to always consider the three #domains of #learning when working with the children.

The domains are:
1) Affective – How will this make the student feel/ How will feelings be affected by this?
2) Cognitive – What knowledge am I passing accross?
3) Psychomotor – What skill will my #students display as a result of this lesson?

As #educators, we are in a place of great influence.

We need to be trained on how to be intentional and purposeful.

Okeyinfu: Teacher, Trainer, Coach, #Differentiation and #Assessment Specialist.

Talking Trust

Talking trust
How can I possibly let go of the #ledge when I am not sure you will catch me? You say you are there, but I do not #see you.
The new level I aspire for needs two, maybe three to walk together hand in hand and step by step.
This is not a #journey I can take alone; I need you as much as you need me.
When #teachers work cooperatively, great things are bound to happen.
Trust is the #essential element to have and maintain with your students, your parent community, your principal, and your co-teachers.
#Trust you see one broken, never fully recovers. #Guard it.
Trust is everything.
#Repost @officialascd
Trust is essential element to have and maintain with your students, your principal, and your co-teachers. .
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Dear Teacher

Of Course, I went to School and I have the certificates to show it as well.

However, I can assure you that it is not the same thing as been a teacher. It is not even close.

Being a teacher is an all-round awesome experience and it such hard work. Much harder than being a student, I assure you.

Why you may ask:
1) Firstly, you have to place yourself in the shoes of the student. And its not just one student
2) Secondly, the parent is also part of this equation and they must be considered
3) There is also the system within which we as teachers operate.
4) Finally, you have to always act in the best interests of the children.

Sometimes, it may not seem so and it is so heart-rending when the children do not understand the why’s of some decisions taken. It MUST always be in the best interest of the children.

The reason? You are a teacher.

If you have no one to teach, you cannot bear that title. It will make you a fraud.

As a teacher coach, I walk into some classrooms and we have so many frauds working with the children. For teaching to truly be a noble profession, the fraudsters must be fished out of the bowl and asked to try out another less impact-full profession.
As a teacher you deal with lives and these lives, will in turn, shape other lives… how can you not be deliberate? How can you not plan?

How can you not anticipate the direction a thought once made visible, will swing the class towards?

Why will you refuse to plan and hope to wing it all the time. When did a teachers become birds? You do not have wings and the only thing you can use to fly, is your cape which you get when you attain the status of the Super Teacher.

Note this Dear Teacher:

  • Teachers plan, dear teacher
  • Teachers are deliberate, dear teacher
  • Teachers are always learning, dear teacher

You are the president of your class/homeroom, so how can you not lead it well.

Do what you must to be a dear teacher and see the effects on these children that you should hold dear.

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