Hello world!

I am quite proud to finally be on wordpress.

This blog is going to be a little eccentric to be truthful and I am sure it will reflect my eclectic tastes and domains.

Come along with me as I navigate the intricacies of life, Living and Making a living.

Who is Kaykay?

I am Nigerian born.  A Teacher , Wife, Choir Girl , Mom and not necessarily in that order… Who loves to live and lives to share her MASTER’s Love.

What can you expect from Kaykay’s Blog?

Loads of different things and I will try to keep the list minimal.

  • Fashion: everything fashion and will be featuring new and refreshing Nigerian designers.
  • Food: I especially like this one and we will feature a wonderful Nigerian cuisinenator and her wonderful recipes
  • Education: My passion for life – this is a page turner
  • Hair – Natural or Not Natural??? Your choice
  • Mom and wife stuff
  • Under the skin sessions – Check back for this  one

So much more.

My Blog is refreshing and gives you a real life and hands on perspectives on all this featured.

Stick with me people.20130713_142403