YouSafe Verification Systems

Introducing “YouSafe Verification Systems”.

Safety and security is a number one priority in all sectors, but financial resources are and can often be stretched thin.

We can however assure you that with YouSafe Verification systems, we will find you the solutions to fit your unique needs.

As a consideration of the high premium placed on safety, as a company, we have developed a system that will work effectively within the general constraints of internet connectivity and power concerns that could exist in our part of the world.


YouSafe Brief:

YouSafe is secure, verification System encoded onto a card. Each card is Pin protected ensuring only the actual recipient can use the card.

“YouSafe” is cloud based hence cost effective and it possesses excellent functionality.

It involves a two-stage authentication process and the use of a unique PIN is just one of our in-built safety measures. It also involves automated notification as soon as user authentication is successful.

YouSafe meets the major criteria as listed below:

  1. Secure and easy to deploy
  2. Simple user interface
  3. Cost effective solution
  4. Easy to deploy in any location and for a variety of uses
  5. Fool proof system
  6. Staff attendance tracking


  1. Schools
  2. Offices
  3. Churches
  4. Weddings
  5. Exclusive Events
  6. Hidden destination weddings
  7. Electronic Business cards
  8. VIP Categorizations
  9. Training Verification
  10. So much more


  1. All subscribers have assigned pin protected cards (Service dependent)
  2. Dedicated SMS Hotline
  3. Costs vary depending on Service needed and number of subscribers signed onto the service.
  4. One-off service charge for uploading the software**.


  1. Secure verification systems
  • Elimination of Manual sign in and out
  • Time tracking for resumption and closing
  • Low Initial Capital cost
  • Quick and Easy to Deploy
  • Very cost effective and sustainable
  • Paperless system
  • Low System Maintenance cost
  • Quick and Automated Notification via SMS (Carrier dependent) and Email.
  • Accurate time and date tracking information
  • Easy to deploy on the School Bus
  • Option of picture on cards available
  • Cards can be re-used.

In closing, be assured that being professional and ensuring a smooth deployment of our solutions in a cost-effective manner, is our topmost priority.

We look forward to working with you per your safety and safety arrangements.

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